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Prime Insider
Have you tried Amazon Prime Music yet?
Prime Music
Prime members can now enjoy ad-free voice controlled music across tens of millions of songs in multiple languages, at no additional cost. Enjoy hundreds of curated Playlists and Stations by moods, activities, genres, activities or decades.

Play music, across devices by downloading the Amazon Prime music app
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Prime Music gets better with Echo- Just ask Alexa
Amazon Echo
The future of music is here with Alexa, Prime Music and your voice- all you have to do is just ask Alexa. Just ask Alexa what you'd like to hear. No searching, no browsing just listen to the perfect song, album or playlist on any Alexa-enabled device including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo plus.

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Amazon Prime Original- The Remix
The Remix is the new sound of Indian music! On this music competition show, some of the coolest singers and DJs rejig, reshuffle and remix hit Bollywood songs. The 10 teams give it their all to put out riveting performances and impress the celebrity judges: Sunidhi Chauhan, Amit Trivedi and Nucleya! Join us as we grab a peek behind the scenes of the latest Amazon Prime Original!

Add to your watchlist now and start streaming on March 9th.
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Prime Insider Tip
Not sure what to listen to?

Check out stations on Prime Music for uninterrupted listening. Just pick a station by genre or artist. Hit "thumbs up" on a song and we will play more songs like this. Hit thumbs down and we won't play that song on this station again.
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