[URGENT] Affiliate Panel Migration!

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We are always trying to improve our technology and setup to ensure a rich and seamless experience to our Affiliates as well as our customers. The HostGator India Affiliate Program has grown over the last several years and Impact Radius will allow us to scale our program, offering an improved experience to our Affiliate partners and provide more flexibility in creating better offers and promotions to our Affiliate partners.

We are now ready to start getting you onboard on our new platform. Please note, older data including commission details will not be migrated, and the new platform will start fresh. Since this is a new platform, we request you to kindly create a new account here before 30th April, 2018. Please ignore this email if you've already created the new account.

Please note:
We will stop tracking the transactions from the old affiliate links from 30th April, 2018. Hence, we would recommend you to complete the signup process and update the new affiliate links at the earliest.
Due to the introduction of the new platform, we’ve made a few changes to the Affiliate Agreement. Kindly review the new agreement before you create your account.

We’ve taken the liberty of answering a few questions for you. Please do reach out in case you need any clarifications.

What Changes?
Everything! It's a shiny new panel, which means everything from your tracking links to the banners will change.

What Happens to my Pending Payouts?
All your unpaid commissions from your existing account will be paid per our current process. If you've not already updated your bank details please do so at the earliest.

How will the Payout Processing Change?
One of the core reasons to migrate is payout management. Since Impact Radius is also a payment processing provider, we think payout management will be easier and more streamlined. Note that since these payments are processed from the USA, you may be assessed a processing fee for currency conversion. You can view the fee applicability of such fees (if any), once you login to the new panel under ‘Withdrawal Settings’ interface.

Minimum Payout Limit Set to Rs.3200
The minimum payout will change from Rs.3000 to Rs.3200 (50$ equivalent).

Will my old Data be migrated?
No, we will not be migrating data from our old panels to Impact Radius. You can simply download CSVs of all your existing data points for your consumption.

What’s Next:
Once you’ve signed up, you will receive an email with your new credentials. Login and update your bank details. Once that is completed, please change your existing banners and links to the new ones that you will be able to get from the panel.

If for any reason you do wish to discontinue your affiliate account with us and not migrate, please send an email to [email protected] from your affiliate email id with Subject "Do Not Migrate" and we will not migrate your account.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any help. We’re here for you!

HostGator India Affiliate Team
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