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Bringing you 8 UNEXPLORED Holiday Destinations & a PACKING Checklist!
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Planning your next holiday? There are so many beautiful places in India that not everyone has heard of, but they are just beautiful, just beautiful
We bring to you top 10 unexplored Travel Destinations in India…and your packing list
Woolens because the place is Khajjar in Himachal Pradesh - nearest airport 114KM
Jackets Boots
Sleeping Bags because the places is Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh - nearest airport 114KM
Selfie Sticks Luggage
Casual Wear because the place is Majuli in Assam - nearest airport 44Km away
Backpacks Mobile Holder
Swiss Knife because the place is Patan in Gujarat - nearest airport 100Km away
Camera Accessories
Toiletry Bags | The next place in list is Mokokchung in Nagaland - nearest airport is 212Km
Passport Wallets Mobile Chargers
Trek Shoes becaue the next place is Spiti in Himachal Pradesh - nearest airport 245Km away
Trek Stick Rucksacks
Dress | The next place in list is Spiti in Himachal Pradesh - nearest airport 245Km away
Beach Slippers Sun Block
Tent for staying in Hemis in Jammu and Kashmir. Nearest airport is 42KMs away
Portable Speakers Barbeque Grills
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