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Deeplink Guide Optimisemedia 

Dear Publisher,

We are sending this email to remind you how to use deeplinks correctly with Optimise. It's important to use deeplinks correctly to ensure that tracking and reporting is not affected by incorrect use.

Important: Before constructing a deeplink you must ensure that the Campaign  has been "Deep linking enabled" in your publisher login. To do this, go to the All Campaigns page, click Add / Remove Columns and add the Deeplink Allowed column. Alternatively click Details and go to Technical.

Constructing a Deeplink

A deeplink can be constructed by adding the &r= parameter to an Optimise tracking URL as follows:

URL Encoding

A deeplink URL should be correctly URL encoded to ensure compatibility with all browsers. For example, the above deeplink would be constructed as follows with the correct URL Encoding:

Optimise tracking will automatically add in any necessary query string parameters required for tracking or reporting purposes. 

Note: Only the deeplink URL (after &r) should be encoded. Whilst some browsers will accept an unencoded deeplink it is advised that all deeplinks are URL encoded to ensure backward compatibility with older browsers.

A useful URL encoder tool can be found here

Creating a deeplink in your login

You can create a deeplink in your Optimise Login as follows:

1. Go to Content > Create a Deeplink

2. Choose the Advertiser and Campaign and enter a URL

3. Enter a UID (if required) and chose the required Output Type and Target options

4. Click Get URL and the correct deeplink will be created.


Optimise Deeplinking Chrome Plugin

With this Chrome extension you can browse to any page on the website of any Optimise Advertiser on which you have an active campaign to create a deeplink.


The Google Chrome Optimise Deeplinking Extension can be downloaded here.
Click here for configuration and usage instructions. 

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