How to create website in WordPress

 How to Create website to be updated at least every month. The only thing you need if the theme was ready to apply it in your site. All you have to do is go through a simple process to customize the theme once installed on your website. I have also mentioned steps in detail on how to install wordpress on windows you can follow step by step instruction for a completely newbie like me, here i am!

First, log in into wordpress dashboard. • Click WordPress dashboard- menu- click create new page • Give us a name for the Page • Select the type of content we want to create and other option you have in options, we can include some widgets in them. • In front-end we add our logo image • For image section we should upload images on our wp-content • You also can do this feature with Google Slideshow option in plugin, that is, add some image slider in our a short description in plugin’s description page, it won't work for me, because there you have a lot of options you have in front-end as well as plugin description. In my case it isn’t necessary because you don't want to add much advertisement or something it may disturb your is not important for that case but it can add more attention and you can earn a bit if someone searches for what you are creating or about you on google or just put any text or description on front-end. The more keywords you are providing will make your pages rank faster. Here i’m explaining about plugins on wordpress website. You can also install them directly without downloading anywhere you see plugins for sale or free downloads that can help us if we create more than ten websites, we can make all of us SEO friend, SEO friendly and it doesn’t cost you anything, it doesn’t make any difference but they will rank quickly! I am sure some of the plugin have features such as SEO by Yoast, which are good at improving Google ranking fast but i haven’t tested. But SEO is great because many users get traffic. If you don’t know how can a website get a good rank. Search Engine Optimization is a way to make search engine find your website on the first page. This depends on the things like how many backlinks to other pages, keyword research and your website’s content writing style, structure and more. Backlinks are a form of traffic, you have to promote another website to have more visitors, how many link you give on each of your pages, how long for the time of a link. Most of them refer the webmaster, there are links from other websites then we also have to link to website with a short description in meta title, meta description. You are only putting link but you are supposed to make the people searchable, it must be more precise in its search phrase, using the proper keywords with that we get higher page ranking according to a particular topic which our competitor website don’t provide. Meta data, SEO and many others will show up the search engine how you have optimized the content. Also we need to put certain link to our website for visitors so that more time we can get the maximum out of the visitor. Google is an Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera web browser and so many other web browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc. But google
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