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Let's first examine the email templates you can access with AWeber and AWeber. conversion kit. AWeber also has more options when it comes to email templates, perfect for those who prefer more dynamic and high volume emails.

The AWebers visuals are a little dated, but overall they are quite effective when setting up email. We found the email generator easy enough to work with during our ConvertKit review.

While ConvertKit has a limited number of pre-designed email templates, it largely makes up for this with its simple yet intuitive email builder. Some of its integrations include Zapier, WordPress, Shopify, Crowdcast, Unsplash, and many more. Not only that, it packs some of the coolest features of a full marketing automation platform like Drip or ActiveCampaign into a simple and affordable system accessible to bloggers on a budget.

Its goal is to simplify email processes with robust functionality not only for bloggers distributing blog posts, but also for YouTubers, course creators and podcasters. ConvertKit also offers a full suite of key email metrics such as open rates, new subscribers, unsubscribes, and link clicks. This will allow you to grow your email list and then send blast emails whenever you want or send emails to new subscribers over time.

As we've already explained, ConvertKit has a subscriber-based pricing plan, and you don't get paid double for subscribers as you would with other email marketing tools (technically, a subscriber can be a member of multiple lists at the same time) member). Unlike most tools that offer a free plan with limited functionality, a free version of ConvertKit is actually available. For over 900,000 subscribers, you can get in touch with the ConvertKit team for a custom plan.

If you pay for the ConvertKit is Creator plan, you'll get more than the free plan because it unlocks live chat and email support, automated channels, and over 70 integrations with platforms like Patreon, Teachable, and Zapier. As you can see, ConvertKit starts to outperform Aweber in terms of monthly pricing once you hit 3,000+ subscribers. Also, ConvertKit ends up being cheaper than AWeber once you get over 40,000 or so subscribers. AWeber is much cheaper than ConvertKit considering list-based pricing.

But there are some areas where AWeber still has advantages over newer services like ConvertKit. Currently, AWeber is more mature than ConvertKit and is generally a better product. Overall, AWeber is much more mature than ConvertKit because it has been around longer.

This tool is aimed at content marketers and has marketing automation capabilities that compete well with more robust tools. This platform lacks automation flexibility compared to its competitors, which limits the type of email funnels you can create for your marketing. Their list focus, unlike ConvertKit, is subscriber focused, leaving very little room for personalized or personalized email marketing.

AWeber also integrates with more than 150 other useful programs, but ConvertKit has less than a hundred so far. ConvertKit, on the other hand, has over 80 integrations, but it's still a long way from reaching AWeber's level of integration. So it's clear that they have a long way to go before they can approach AWebers' market share.

One could argue that ConvertKit is relatively new compared to AWeber, but their average rating is only slightly higher than AWebers on G2Crowd and they don't have any reviews on Capterra and TrustRadius. Compared to Aweber, ConvertKit is relatively new to the market and is aimed at professional bloggers. While ConvertKit has fewer email templates than AWeber, its email design interface is easy to use and puts the focus on content.

There is no denying that ConvertKit is the leader in the field of auto-responder email tools, providing email list marketing automation in a cost-effective manner. ConvertKit provides intuitive email automation tools and a tag-based segmentation process. ConvertKit provides a visual automation generator that allows you to send timely and targeted content to your mailing list. The system helps you grow your email subscriber list and automate email marketing with drag-and-drop email funnels, workflow automation rules, landing page templates, custom opt-in forms, and more.

Using AWeber Landing Pages and ConvertKit also frees you from having to pay for a separate landing page design program, as both integrate with their respective email marketing services, providing beautiful and customizable opt-in forms that allow you to design code-free or use CSS if you want a more functional approach. You'll need to upgrade to unlock more features, and once you start paying for them, you might want to consider ConvertKit with AWeber as your email marketing tool of choice (and not).

As I said at the beginning, no email marketing tool is perfect for everyone, but if you want something comprehensive, I recommend leaving your rankings on ConvertKit vs AWeber first. If you're a new blogger, know that you're not the only one wondering where to start with email marketing tools...especially when it comes to calling between ConvertKit, AWeber, and Mailchimp. I hope this GetResponse vs AWeber vs ConvertKit article helped you decide between the top 3 email marketing software. I hope you now have a clear idea of ​​what all these different email automation programs offer and what works best for you.

These tools can make bulk email campaigns a lot easier, and some of the best on the market today include Aweber and ConvertKit. And even now, start with the free account tier so you can get started with the basic features and start building your list. While you won't get a can of digital tips, you'll get a lot more features than what ConvertKit offers, like over 700 email templates, much more comprehensive analytics, and sales tracking.

ConvertKit is a free plan that's pretty good for email volume, but if that's the volume you need, I'd seriously consider Sendinblues' free plan, which allows you to send 300 emails a day to a maximum of 2,000 subscribers. But like ConvertKit, Awebers Pro plans are priced based on the number of subscribers. AWebers pricing is also entirely based on subscribers, which only increases based on the number of people in your email list (unlike Mailchimp where you have to choose specific plans), which is an important factor when comparing ConvertKit, AWeber and Mailchimp in terms of . billing view.

Now let's dive into each of our email marketing tools to really compare ConvertKit, AWeber, and Mailchimp. As a relatively new product on the market and competing with popular services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber, one would naturally expect ConvertKit to lower its price to encourage news users to sign up and drive users to switch. ConvertKit is better suited for content creators, while AWeber caters to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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