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Compared to AWeber and MailChimp, Sendinblue is a much younger and newer addition to the email marketing world. Sendinblue and AWeber are popular email marketing tools available on the internet and are used by a large number of users. If you see Sendinblue vs AWeber in terms of free plans, the free option is available on both email marketing tools. This is good because many beginners need so few resources that they don't need premium email plans.

If you have a relatively small list, you can probably support it with the Sendinblues free plan. If you have a list of 500 contacts, you can sign up for a free plan and get access to some basic but decent features to leverage your marketing efforts. Both services offer free plans, however with AWeber you are limited to a list of 500 contacts and 3,000 emails per month.

This opens up a lot of possibilities, including integrating your email lists with PayPal, so anyone who buys from you can also subscribe to your list on AWeber. Although AWeber has a free plan, it allows you to have up to 500 subscribers and some features like split testing are not available. With AWeber, you can start with a free plan and experiment with features. Let's take a look at some of the extra features offered by Sendinblue that AWeber doesn't have.

AWeber also has its own email automation module, similar to Sendinblues. With it, you can send different emails based on what subscribers do with your other emails. The automation features in SendX allow you to create a series of emails that are sent to subscribers when a specific time, action or event is triggered. Start with Sendinblue; comes with a great email automation module that allows you to send emails based on various triggers you can set.

Sendinblue allows you to send up to 300 emails per day and 9000 emails per month with the free plan. No matter how many subscribers you have, you get all the features, including unlimited emails per month. Finally, the pro plan starts at $199 per month and includes unlimited email and subscription options. However, with this option, you cannot access online support and custom email templates.

With this plan, you get all the features that Sendinblue offers to its customers and you can send up to one million emails per month. The Sendinblues Premium plan starts at $25, sends 10,000 emails per month, and offers almost all the basic features that marketers need. Sendinblue has this feature in its Premium and Enterprise plans.

Plus, you can use SendinBlue to manage social media marketing, email automation, transactional emails, and more. Overall, I'd say Sendinblue is more feature-rich in other areas - automation, transactional email, and even social media marketing - making it a more complete online marketing platform. Sendinblue is a more comprehensive online marketing platform that lets you not only do email marketing, but also use Facebook ads, SMS campaigns, and advanced email automation.

Sendinblue is a suite of cloud-based communication capabilities including email marketing, transactional email, SMS, CRM, signup forms, and more. Sendinblue gives you everything you need to create an omnichannel marketing strategy, including on-page ads, email autoresponders, and even text messages. SendinBlue is an email marketing software that allows users to grow their business by sending targeted emails, messages and advertisements to attract customers. It facilitates email marketing by personalizing and sending emails, and allows you to track the progress of sent messages to grow your organization.

SendinBlue is another great email marketing software that includes additional features beyond email marketing such as SMS marketing, live chat, and a shared inbox to keep your team organized. Sendinblue provides custom templates and reports for transactional emails. You get multiple configuration options for transactional email, such as APIs, SMTP relays, e-commerce plugins, or marketing automation. AWeber and Mailchimp offer a variety of email templates designed to suit every need. While AWeber clearly has more options when it comes to templates, Mailchimp wins when it comes to email design.

Customer Support Chat and Email Support Price Compared to AWeber AWeber is 2x more expensive than Mailerlite. Sendinblue offers free unlimited savings for contacts, but AWeber charges for contacts. Second, AWeber charges per contact, while Sendinblue charges per email sent. Sendinblue charges for the number of emails you use, while AWeber charges for the number of subscribers in your account.

So if you're watching Sendinblue vs. AWeber, you can't ignore this, because Sendinblue gives you transactional emails and AWeber doesn't. Not only Sendinblue and AWeber, but all the other major email marketing tools like MailChimp, GetResponse, and more.

The two most popular email marketing services, Mailchimp (read our Mailchimp review) and Aweber (read our Aweber review), continue to lead the market both in terms of features and price. They are provided by all email marketing services such as SendinBlue, GetResponse including Aweber and Mailchimp. GetResponse is another great AWeber alternative with all the email marketing and automation features that companies need to optimize their campaigns, such as drip emails or retargeting. AWeber is a serious competitor to other tools because it offers a lot of features at a reasonable price, going well beyond the standard email marketing platform.

AWeber has everything you need to create an email list with over 700 templates, free images, autoresponders and more. EMS helps businesses turn passive customers into loyal customers with real-time customer support with email marketing and automation tools that let you choose from 100 pre-made templates that run instantly and add custom tags without programming knowledge. Read on to find free and paid alternatives to AWeber for sending beautiful marketing campaigns, segmenting your email lists, and doing A/B testing (among other features!).

A great alternative to AWeber should be affordable with smart email marketing features like personalization and email automation. Prices compared to AWeber are incomparable as HubSpot has tiers and AWeber offers full functionality for any contact list size.

With the Sendinblue email marketing tool, you also get this feature with their free plan. The Mailjet service also has a free SMTP server to help you send unlimited marketing emails through an SMTP relay. For Amazon SES users, EmailOctopus offers the Connect product with unlimited emails per month.

Last but not least, Sendinblue offers a free plan and (subjectively) better email design. When it comes to must-have features - something you'd expect to find in any good email marketing tool - neither Sendinblue nor AWeber will disappoint. With time-based automation, you can set up welcome emails and entire sequences of introductory and developmental emails.

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