Codecanyon Vs Themeforest

Popular objects such as Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and many more are available on CodeCanyon. Here I will share a list of 9 best ThemeForest and CodeCanyon alternatives for WordPress users. In this article, we will talk about the largest marketplace for WordPress themes and website layouts called ThemeForest, as well as the Codecanyon directory for buying scripts and plugins. In this article, I will try to cover other popular marketplaces that can be useful for selling your WordPress theme, plugin, or any other code.

Now, here we will inform you of other available ThemeForest alternative marketplaces, which have many products, you can buy them at the best price, or you can buy theme packs in bulk. On the theme forest site you will find most of the highest paying WordPress themes, on codecanyon you will find project specific plugins or CMS. It has a long list of premium WordPress themes, templates and plugins for MOJO! themed market. Mojo Themes is one of the best ThemeForest marketplace alternatives.

It usually costs $49 to install a theme and $99 to install a theme after installing WordPress on the site for the first time. You can set your price in the hundreds per topic, like some vendors at the top of the charts.

You have to be careful when buying anything on the free market or any other site if you want to buy a theme from themeforest or a plugin from codecanyon. If you want to sell your WP theme or plugin on ThemeForest, you will need to follow their rules or coding standards or your product will be rejected. If you want to reach the top of the sales lists, it is not recommended to list your entire business exclusively on ThemeForest as it can be risky.

You need to put in extra marketing efforts to get your topics out there if you want to survive on Envato. But perhaps there are things that only Envato Market and ThemeForest can offer you. Since Envato owns the major WordPress plugin and theme markets, and based on my knowledge and feel of the market, I'd say it's a good fit for the whole pie.

The WordPress theme market is much bigger than the premium plugin market – every website needs a beautiful design. But Creative Market has only recently added WordPress plugins to its list, while MOJO Marketplace has been offering them for years. Like the Theme Market, the WordPress Plugin Market is a place where WordPress developers can sell their plugins.

In fact, you won't find many "exclusive MOJO plugins" for WordPress; but, of course, you can find many "exclusive" WordPress plugins for Envato on CodeCanyon. Simply put, your search for premium WordPress plugins should start with CodeCanyon simply because of the large collection of plugins. CodeCanyon has a huge collection of plugins, so it's only natural if you choose it as your favorite.

It's a division of Envatos for code, plugins, and extensions, just like ThemeForest is for themes and templates. Codecanyon specializes in php scripts, WordPress plugins, mobile apps, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, .NET, and more. CodeCanyon lists nearly 35,000 coding scripts and plugins for WordPress, CSS animations, JavaScript, and more. The site has around 58,000 themes, templates, plugins and graphics, including Bootstrap-based site templates, ready-made solutions for HTML5 and CSS3, icons, logos, UI elements, and more.

O themeforest, as the name suggests, focuses on themes and layouts of CMS such as wordpress, html5, joomla, group, psd, etc. ThemeForest provides thousands of themes and templates for business websites, blogs, landing pages and marketing emails, as well as many shopping cart e-commerce sites. ThemeForest is one of the most popular marketplaces for selling themes, plugins, photos, audio, video, video makers, code, elements, graphics and manuals.

These are the two largest markets for WordPress themes and plugins. This is the final part (Part III) of our WordPress Themes and Plugins market analysis series, in which we look at the unitary economy of Envato, the company that owns ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. This large company is the largest marketplace for scripts, themes, plugins, templates and even sound and graphic elements for creating online projects such as websites or even mobile applications. For those of you who may not know, ThemeForest is owned by Envato and is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell HTML templates and themes for popular CMS (Content Management System) products such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Maybe on themeforest you will find the perfect WordPress theme, plugin or PHP script for your project. With a wide range of available themes and even cooler scripts and plugins, you'll have everything you need to create a WordPress site. is a download site for the WordPress content management system and a directory of over 57,000 plugins and 7,800 themes (plus a GPL theme store and premium support services) for revamping your WordPress site. For developers, provides a plugin developer guide and theme developer guide for submitting projects to the directory.

Creative Market is another lesser known marketplace for the WordPress community, but their marketplace has over 1,400 amazing themes, even more than the Mojo marketplace. But some authors sell their products as the most expensive articles, while others sell their topics for almost zero income for an author pursuing their own marketing goals. People not only sell their themes, they can also sell their WordPress photos, fonts, graphics and plugins of course.

Finally, among all these plug-in markets, it makes no sense to forget about independent plug-in manufacturers who sell their products in their own stores. The reason I highlighted "out-of-market plugins" is because marketplaces like CodeCanyon don't pass customer information to developers, so you can't sell to your customers unless you gather details from the inside. a solution such as Freemius Insights. The big dilemma for many new WordPress theme developers is whether they should go it alone or distribute their work to an already established market.

If you plan to base your marketing and sales strategy solely on Envato, the answer to the question of whether you should develop a WordPress theme or WordPress plugin financially is clear: Envato theme developers earn, on average, 4.5 times more than plugins. in developers. If you're developing a multi-purpose theme (which is what sells best), you'll probably have at least the same amount of support, maybe even more than the average plugin. To sum up this part, if you are developing a skin type theme that focuses on design and follows theme guidelines, you will likely have fewer support calls than when developing a WordPress plugin.

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