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Most Helpful Positive Review Fastcomet has been treating me well for some time now. I'm happy as a poor developer that I chose Fastcomet as they helped me with most of the bugs I had. FastComet is probably one of the top 5 hosting companies that I use and like.

FastComet is a relatively unknown web hosting provider, but as soon as I saw the company's website, I knew I had to check it out. This is one of the best web hosting companies I've reviewed so far, but if you disagree with my FastComet review, please leave a comment below or check out the other hosts we've reviewed at Hosting Tribunal. FastComet promises to be one of the best hosts I've reviewed on Hosting Tribunal, but it's not flawless. Not the cheapest web host To be clear, this isn't a super expensive or out of reach service, and it's certainly not fair to expect FastComet to offer the lowest prices for everything it offers for free.

Well, here we compare the prices of these two web hosting providers. This shows that you can easily rely on these two web hosting providers - Hostinger and FastComet.

Choose ChemiCloud if you like cPanel based hosting or choose Hostinger if you are looking for cheap hosting. Hostinger is great hosting too, but it's a bit more expensive than FastComet. Hostinger also provides decent customer support via live chat and ticket.

Hostinger also offers a free forever domain; however, the customer must choose Premium or Business hosting for 12 months or more to receive it. Most "free domains" are only free for one year, but a domain registered with FastComets Web Hosting is free forever.

In addition, FastComet also allows you to host your favorite domain as it also offers domain name registrations and allows you to get their premium hosting plans at a very low price through their Black Friday hosting offers. In addition to a free (lifetime) domain and free site migration, FastComet hosting plans come with Cloudflare CDN for free. They also offer a website builder which comes with the purchase of shared hosting. FastComet also offers three shared hosting plans: FastCloud, FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra.

You'll get a 45-day money-back guarantee with FastComets' shared hosting plans, and its VPS and dedicated servers offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. The shared hosting plans also offer a free SSL certificate, several discounted SEO tools, and a website builder. With FastComets Cloud VPS, you'll get SSD web space, network/capacity/hardware redundancy, and an optimized server configuration, as well as many free services. including more developers. tools, Cloudflare CDN, Softaculous auto-installation, SSH access, website and domain transfers, and daily backups.

FastComets VPS hosting isn't as cost effective as their shared hosting, but it's still a great choice for medium traffic websites. For those with resource-intensive websites or experiencing higher levels of traffic (or both), FastComet offers a variety of cloud VPS plans and dedicated hosting options. Impeccable uptime, very good speed, excellent support and a huge amount of technology available to both beginners and experienced webmasters make FastComet a very strong hosting. It's great that the folks at FastComet know how to set up these technologies so that all sites hosted by the company perform at their optimum level.

First, FastComet WordPress hosting is exactly the same as a standard shared service. However, its servers are optimized for WordPress and allow you to host your WordPress site on its servers.

I tested both web hosts on different metrics and found FastComet to perform well in terms of price, features, performance, security and support. While it's an easy win in performance, security, and support, it's a direct match in pricing and feature categories. Despite the tough competition, FastComet wins with a wider range of hosting plans and more intuitive features.

FastComet comes with the security of FastGuard hosting with all of its hosting plans. Because it offers fast and affordable web hosting plans starting at $3.95 per month.

Hostinger has an advantage over FastComet in that it offers flexible and affordable web hosting solutions starting at $1.39 per month. FastComet and Hostinger offer affordable and flexible web hosting plans. So, to sum up Hostinger Vs FastComet in terms of pricing, Hostinger offers cheap and impressive hosting solutions while FastComets plans are more expensive than Hostinger while still offering almost the same functionality. To solve this problem, we compared FastComet and Hostinger on various aspects such as: speed, performance, key hosting features, security aspects, and so on.

Therefore, it is imperative to check the speed and performance of web hosting providers: FastComet and Hostinger. Here we also compare the speed and performance of FastComet vs SiteGround hosting - read it here. I tested this theory while preparing my unbiased FastComet web hosting review, by running a speed test across the Atlantic and seeing slower response times.

Before this, I had sites at four other hosting companies, one of which was a 10+ year old client. There are a lot of hosts out there, I tried 4 or 5. FastComet, SiteGround, and a few others offer 45-day trials.

To compare the main features of FastComet and DigitalOceans, check out this feature comparison table. Of course, several FastComet reviews can only be written about the features included by default in the company's overall solution.

Some of the other tech people like Vlad, Nikola, Dimitar and many other great FastComet tech people did a great job with the issues I could run into on my websites. Most recently, working with Oliver W. helped me solve a problem in minutes that would have taken previous hosting companies hours or days to solve. My FastComet site is based in London, so I tested it in the UK.

Thus, I closed all my other accounts and moved them to FastComet without hesitation. If the company continues to maintain the highest quality of service, I will be a permanent customer. Fast Comet offers great value for the annual hosting fee I paid.

Developers looking for a docker host can use DigitalOcean and FastComet docker. With FastComet, you'll pay a reasonable price and get pretty decent hardware plus extras that other hosts don't usually offer for free. Both types of hosting are fully managed, so if you don't want to install apps or do system administration yourself, you can sit back and relax and let FastComet manage your web hosting for you. As we've seen in our FastComet hosting reviews, FastComet stands out from other web hosting providers when it comes to reliable and affordable web hosting.

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