Ipage Vs Bluehost

We take a look at Bluehost's shared hosting features and compare them to what iPage offers for the same type of hosting. Aside from shared/cheap hosting, Bluehost beats iPage with Bluehost's affordable hosting plans.

Compared to the above description of Bluehost Dedicated Hosting, iPage Dedicated Hosting is much more expensive. There are significant price differences depending on the hosting plan in question, and iPage seems to be cheaper than Bluehost.

Choosing between iPage and Bluehost is not easy, as both hosting companies are affordable and offer beginner-friendly features. Any beginner can opt for iPage's lowest price, but serious web hosting enthusiasts should prefer Bluehost.

BlueHost offers many plans, including hosting specifically optimized for WordPress sites. Bluehost offers WordPress, WooCommerce and managed reseller hosting types not available on iPage. BlueHosts managed WordPress plans are more expensive than those of many hosting companies, but the features they include make them very popular, as evidenced by BlueHost hosting over 1 million WordPress sites. BlueHost and iPage offer shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, as well as VPS plans and dedicated servers, although VPS and dedicated server options have recently been added to BlueHost.

Bluehost outperforms iPage in every way and generally offers the best value for money with shared hosting and much less with VPS and dedicated hosting. Bluehosts shared hosting starts at $2.95, which is pretty expensive compared to iPage's $1.99 price. In this case, the price difference is even more dramatic: the cheaper iPages dedicated servers cost the same as the more expensive Bluehosts.

If we take a closer look and compare Bluehost's dedicated hosting plans with iPage, we find that Bluehost offers servers with 16GB of RAM for $119, which is exactly the price of iPage's smaller 4GB dedicated plan, so you know which one to pick. If you compare Bluehost with iPage in terms of web hosting plans and prices, you will find that Bluehost is not cheaper, but Bluehost is better in the long run. The only downside to BlueHost is that it's slightly less accessible than iPage.

That's not all that bad for iPage, which is still one of the biggest web hosting companies with a lot of customers, but it doesn't get any better compared to the specs and speeds of Bluehost's servers. iPage can easily compete with Bluehost or any other provider when it comes to some other types of hosting.

IPage includes hundreds of dollars worth of free ad credits in each plan (no additional purchase required like Bluehost) as well as a free drag and drop generator for those who want an easy way to customize their website. credits, $200 worth of free advertising, while Bluehost does not offer any Bluehost starter plans. Bluehost has its own extras that you can add to your package, but they are very cheap compared to some of the add-ons that iPage offers. Some features available for free on Bluehost must be purchased from iPage.

For example, Bluehost plans start at $2.95/month, while iPage offers hosting from $1.99/month. When we check the Bluehost website, we see that the base price of the WordPress plan is $2.95 per month, which is 80 cents cheaper than iPage. If we take a look at what iPage has to offer, we can see that the cheapest WordPress plan - WP Starter - costs $3.75 per month and the starter website builder comes free with hosting.

If the most important factor when choosing a host is price and you don't mind that it only has a few extra features, iPage is a good choice as iPage has one of the cheapest hosting plans on the market. Overall, iPage offers good domain prices without trying to overcharge in any way, so they deserve their place as one of the best Bluehost alternatives. Without a doubt, iPage is shaking up the web hosting vertical with iPage's affordable pricing options. Both iPage and Bluehost attract potential website hosting customers by offering low prices and attractive features.

If you're on a budget but looking for reliable, flexible and reliable web hosting but are faced with the dilemma of choosing iPage or Bluehost, then Bluehost is definitely the way to go. After a detailed iPage vs Bluehost comparison, we concluded that Bluehost is the best web hosting provider you can trust unconditionally. If you think it's worth paying a little more for a better hosting platform, I recommend BlueHost. In addition to offering higher-performing shared hosting than iPage, BlueHost also offers the best hosting options for WordPress, VPS, dedicated, and cloud-optimized.

Boston-based iPage also offers shared web hosting with an all-in-one plan, while iPage WordPress hosting only offers two options available. All iPage plans include a free domain for one year and unlimited disk space and websites, including a simpler web hosting plan, unlike Bluehost which only allows one website at a basic level. You get features like unlimited websites and storage - if you want these features from Bluehost, you'll need to opt for the more expensive plans. BlueHosts dedicated plans cost a bit less but have stricter limits than iPages plans for some features.

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