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These two companies provide free 24/7 technical support. While iPage offers some of the same customer support systems, iPage is not as broad as Dreamhost. Comparing iPage and DreamHost web hosting, we can see that the main features offered by the two companies are identical: unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email. Simply put, both iPage and DreamHost only offer one shared hosting plan that covers a wide range of hosting features.

IPages shared hosting plans are much cheaper than those offered by DreamHost. Aside from shared/cheap hosting, Bluehost beats iPage with Bluehost's affordable hosting plans. With iPage, you can get $200 worth of free advertising credits, while Bluehost doesn't offer their starter plan.

Bluehost also offers more hosting options than iPage, including managed WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting. Regardless of the size and budget of your online business, Bluehost and iPage are more than likely to find the right hosting option for your website. After our comparison, we think Bluehost is the best hosting option you can choose for your website.

We studied Bluehost and DreamHost using our experience and user reviews to determine the best option. Well, if you want to narrow down your options to the absolute best web hosts, you can soon compare Bluehost and DreamHost. Among the best known web hosts I have used as a client or consultant, here is how DreamHost compares directly to each of them. With that in mind, below we will compare Bluehost and DreamHost so you can make an informed choice as to which of the two is more deserving of your business.

DreamHost tries to increase sales with many different types of plans and hosting features, but Bluehost offers them upfront so you don't get overwhelmed while working on your site.

DreamHost works best if you're looking for speed and uptime, while Bluehost offers you excellent customer support and an easy-to-use platform right from the start. DreamHost is best suited for experienced webmasters with website hosting experience. Dreamhost is a well-known hosting site that offers many great features and customer service. If you have used DreamHost or iPage as your hosting provider, please share your experience below.

To avoid choosing between the two, we did an in-depth review and comparison of the various hosting features offered by iPage and DreamHost. What I really want to check out is their shared hosting package, so from now on, I'll just link to them in this iPage review. I compared iPage's speeds to 12 other providers, and they were among the slowest hosts in every test. IPage's overall uptime is around 99.84%, which is not bad for website hosting.

Like many of its competitors, iPage doesn't offer Windows-based hosting, check out InMotion Hosting or GoDaddy if you want. If you're looking for very cheap (first semester) hosting, iPage might be a good choice...as long as you don't mind poor performance and issues with the support you get.

The cheapest iPage hosting plan (basic shared plan) costs around $3.25 per month (first semester only), while the cheapest Dreamhost hosting plan starts at $7.95 per month. Dedicated Hosting Plans Fully managed dedicated hosting plans start at around $149/month at DreamHost with a discounted price of $119.99/month or iPage's undiscounted price of $149.99/month. Dreamhosts cloud hosting plans start at $4.50 per month ($0.0075 per hour) for 100GB block storage and 80GB SSD (Solid State Drive) disk space. DreamHost offers higher configuration options than iPages dedicated hosting plans, such as 12 cores and 64GB of RAM, up to 4 cores and 16GB of RAM.

Bluehost gives you unlimited space right from the start, whether you choose shared, dedicated or VPS hosting, so you'll never run out of space on your server. DreamHost also gives you more unlimited features than most other hosting services, including unlimited storage. If you don't run mail through services like Google Workspace or Outlook, the host should also provide email functionality, and DreamHost provides all the basics without limitations. As I mentioned in the pricing, DreamHost gives you unlimited access to the "core" feature set of any good web host.

DreamHost also offers traditional upgrades to VPS and dedicated servers such as townhouses or apartment buildings for cloud hosting for growing website and app developers. DreamHost offers a full range of hosting solutions, from shared (most common) to VPS and cloud, and even a dedicated WordPress product with add-ons like email and domain management. DreamHosts managed WordPress hosting is a product with true WordPress specific features such as isolated database and Varnish caching on VPS servers. DreamHost doesn't offer a website builder, and iPage doesn't manage WordPress hosting.

Apparently iPages WordPress hosting plans are cheaper than DreamHost. There is no doubt that iPage is shaking up the entire web hosting industry with iPage's affordable pricing options. Dreamhost prices make them more competitive than other hosting sites. Not only does Bluehost provide fast web hosting, Bluehost's hosting panel is very intuitive so you can quickly create a website even if you are a beginner.

Dreamhost features include secure socket-level certificates, unlimited bandwidth, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and shared hosting. Also, iPage will default you to 3 years of hosting purchases, which is the longest deal they offer.

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