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This post about Kinsta Vs Bluehost compares Kinsta host and Bluehost in terms of features, pricing, and support. If you can't decide between Kinsta and Bluehost, you can choose from other popular hosting companies. Both are web hosting providers, Kinsta and Bluehost provide quite different services, so it should be easy for you to determine which one best suits your needs. For example, Bluehost is cheaper than Kinsta, but again, Kinsta has better security and performance than Bluehost.

On the other hand, Bluehost has been around longer than Kinsta and offers affordable plans. Bluehost's shared hosting plans come in four tiers and are cheaper than the cheapest Kinstas plans, which start at $30 per month. So, as I said, the Kinsta Starter Plan is one of the more affordable options of the three here. Bluehosts functions similarly to Kinsta in that Bluehost offers various website management tools in the WP Pro Bluehosts tiered plan.

Bluehost has since developed WordPress hosting, including managed plans, though WordPress hosting won't be comparable to Kinstas' specialty. Bluehost has had a real quantum leap with Kinsta so they certainly host a lot more websites than Kinsta. I love that their hosting is based on the Google cloud platform and includes malware detection and removal, free website migration, and more. In fact, Kinsta's site load times have been reduced by 50% since Kinsta moved to Google Cloud Platform as it can use 18 available data centers around the world to host customer files.

With their optimized GCP infrastructure and resource isolation, you can expect your site to load faster on Kinsta than on Bluehost, no matter where your visitors come from. With Kinsta, you get SFTP and SSH in addition to server caching, and their DNS is faster than Bluehosts DNS. I believe that Kinsta beats them all because their server is the best and offers the best website speed.

You can see that Kinsta has better server response times than Bluehost, although Bluehost's response times are quite good. After rigorous testing of both hosting services for 6 months, Kinsta's average server response time remained at 360ms, while Bluehost's average server response time was 478ms. Kinsta handled the load better with a fast server response time of 33ms compared to Bluehost's 68ms.

To ensure the numbers are accurate and the load impact test fair, we used two identical websites, one hosted by Bluehost and one hosted by Kinsta, to determine server response times. We have tested both Bluehost and Kinsta to ensure both hosts meet their claimed 99.99% uptime.

The combined Kinsta hosting review data paints a less optimistic picture for Bluehost. Based on the test results, I can say that Bluehost has better TTFB than Kinsta in most places.

To make this fair, I'll include data from Bluehosts shared and cloud hosting plans, as well as using data from the cheapest Kinstas plan for part of the Kinsta review. Kinsta also uses the same underlying Google Cloud Platform infrastructure across all plans, while Bluehost uses different ones depending on the plan. Kinsta focuses exclusively on WordPress hosting, while Bluehost offers several different types of hosting.

Basically, Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting service, which is why the support team is staffed with WordPress experts. All Kinstas customers use WordPress, so all Kinstas support should be familiar with WordPress as well, resulting in some of the best media out there (I'll share data to confirm this). Our sister site EmailToolTester also relies on Kinsta and found their managed WordPress hosting to our liking.

We would like to add to this kinsta wp hosting review that Kinsta does not ignore any aspect of WordPress. Bluehost does not use the same innovative technologies that we use here at Kinsta and do not specialize in WordPress. The Kinsta WordPress hosting solution has highly secure networks that monitor the website minute by minute and has a support team that feeds and breathes WordPress.

Kinsta is great for SEO and reliable enough to host a large eCommerce site. Kinsta is proud to offer a complete WordPress website management solution using state-of-the-art technology. Kinsta claims to have created the perfect WordPress hosting solution based on over 10 years of experience with WordPress.

Kinsta is simply amazing and the best WordPress hosting, I mean you can access a fully dedicated dashboard for all the tasks you need to do in WordPress. Kinsta actually uses their own dashboard which they are very proud of. The good news is that Kinsta's dashboard is very intuitive and offers a lot of great features that you can use to make sure your site is performing at its best. Kinsta features a customizable, intuitive, and WordPress-specific MyKinsta dashboard, while Bluehost uses a generic cPanel control panel that lacks many of the site management tools.

Kinsta has 28 data centers around the world and is more than happy to help you migrate your existing site to their servers absolutely free, unlike Bluehost which will charge you $149.99 or more to transfer your site to Bluehost's servers. If you google this topic, it probably means Kinsta is within your budget...if both hosts are within your budget, there is never any reason to choose Bluehost over Kinsta. If you've read countless reviews and are still not sure whether to choose Bluehost or Kinsta, you can relax because in this Bluehost vs Kinsta comparison, we'll take a look at both hosts to help you decide which one is best for your needs . We'll take a look at each web host's plans, features, and performance to help you choose between Kinsta and Bluehost based on the website you're building.

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