Semrush vs ahrefs

 Recently in Semrush, some developers started using the site for tracking their PPC search keywords. It is quite possible I am missing that some of them are still figuring it out yet. This week someone asked in my personal Facebook group if a developer can use this data in SEMRush but he didn’t understand a word. So in an effort to help, I would like to share the ways you can use Semrush and Ahrefs data to evaluate your own website and track rankings using free tools. Both services do cost money. In essence there are three approaches: the most straightforward, using Semrush as I have described here (with credits), the next one requires Semrush account (and is more complicated, it allows customizations and custom fields), and last one, more complex: the developer needs to buy them from different retailers. Here are the reasons why we recommend this third way:

• More complex, requiring knowledge of both services.

It would be easier to keep our readers who work with these products aware of the possible pitfalls than explaining all aspects to every reader!

2. Very easy ways of collecting data.

The free version of SEMrush allows some limited analytics with its API access. You may build up an idea on how to extract this information without paying a dime. One example would be to track a specific domain and then export all records (from any browser). That process is very simple: Just logout. Then go to the Data tab and click Export (and select “Export only current tab” for better display). Your data will be exported.

Alternatively, you can follow every link from our Chrome Extension. Or write any data code directly on your server. In my opinion a bit less simple solution but with high precision and not very easy bugs. For example you can get the rank position of Google within a certain period or find your competition by typing competitors or a keyword into the tool. Or use a keyword scraper that scrapes a particular source

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